Definition - What does Divya-drishti mean?

Divya-drishti is a Sanskrit word meaning "divine sight" or "divine perception." Also a yoga-drishti, it is the intuitive perception achieved by yogis that enables them to see the past and future. Divya-drishti fosters a kind of clairvoyance achieved through yogic practices including asana, kriyas and meditation.

According to the Yoga Sutras, divya-drishti is a form of spiritual enlightenment, a state in which yogis connect with the universe.

Yogapedia explains Divya-drishti

Purification through yogic practices will lead toward achieving divya-drishti as yoga promotes harmony of body, mind and soul. Certain yoga asanas, such as utthita padmasana (elevated lotus pose), can also help to develop divya-drishti.

Practicing neti techniques, such as sutra neti and jala neti, aid in maintaining physical fitness in addition to promoting divya-drishti. Neti techniques improve the flow of prana in the ida, pingala and sushumna nadis. The harmonious state of ida and pingala stimulate the sushumna nadi and develop higher mental faculties while activating kundalini shakti, which leads one to divya-drishti.

Divya-drishti is also said to be reached through Bhakti yoga, which is a yoga path of spiritual devotion.

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