Definition - What does Satsang mean?

Satsang occurs when small groups engage in a spiritual dialogue. In satsang, participants commit to exploring the liberation of truth. It is a formal or informal gathering intended to facilitate the sharing of wisdom and is said to be a particularly important doorway to experiencing inner freedom.

Like meditation and asana, satsang is best experienced as a consistent practice as doing so will help quiet the mind and encourage one’s energies to stabilize.

Yogapedia explains Satsang

Traditionally, satsang is a meeting with an enlightened being, or satguru; but generally, it is any kind of program in which teaching and meditation take place. However, satsang can also be practiced alone by cultivating truth within one’s inner self and remaining centered on thoughts of the Divine.

The following are standard requirements to experiencing satsang:

  1. A shared intention between group members
  2. Context to spark spiritual insight
  3. An agreement regarding ground rules
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