Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Lineage Mean?

In yoga terminology, lineage refers to the historical succession of knowledge passed from teacher to teacher. With the foundation of lineage, a disciple of yoga gains insight not only from his/her own teacher, but from all the teachers that came before. The result of lineage is instruction that is enriched by many perspectives and free from the influence of any one teacher’s ego.


Yogapedia Explains Lineage

Lineage provides unity between a disciple of yoga and the historical origin of the practice. Also referred to as parampara, a Sanskrit term meaning “an uninterrupted row or series,” lineage is the foundation of yoga’s heritage – humble, subtle and free from the pitfalls of individual ego.

The firm foundation provided by lineage exposes the yoga disciple to yoga’s traditional philosophy and its undiluted practice, but, more importantly, it exposes the disciple to a depth of wisdom gained only from a succession of awakened minds.

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