Poshaka Kapha

Definition - What does Poshaka Kapha mean?

In Ayurveda, Poshaka Kapha is a natural mala (waste product) of Rasa Dhatu. It is a physical precursor of Kapha dosha, one of three functional energies that make up the constitution and characteristics of the body and mind. Although it is considered a waste product, Poshaka Kapha provides nourishment for all Kapha throughout the body.

Yogapedia explains Poshaka Kapha

According to Ayurveda, the Sarira (body), Manas (mind), and Prana (life force) are all supported by tissues known as dhatu. Rasa Dhatu is the first of seven tissues, and is comprised of plasma, lymph and white blood cells.

In the metabolic process of tissue formation, a natural waste product known as mala occurs. In Rasa Dhatu, this waste product is Poshaka Kapha. Rather than being flushed out or eliminated, Poshaka Kapha provides nourishment to the surrounding tissues.

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