Mudra Of The Inner Self

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Mudra Of The Inner Self Mean?

Mudra of the Inner Self is a sacred hand gesture or 'seal,' symbolic of the divine inner nature of human beings. This mudra is likened to prayer without words, since it helps to forge a sacred connection with the divine. Mudra of the Inner Self should be practiced during silent meditation.

Follow these steps to practice Mudra of the Inner Self:

  1. Come to a stable sitting posture.
  2. Bring together the tips of your index, middle, ring, and little fingers.
  3. Bring the base of your hands.
  4. Place your thumbs next to one another, and draw them in towards the little fingers, like a pathway.
  5. Allow light to shine through, beneath the tips of the little fingers.

First, hold this mudra to your forehead and look through the opening without blinking for as long as you can. Then, hold the mudra about an inch below your chin and focus on your breath, lengthening your exhalation. Mudra of the Inner Self may be held for as long as required.

Mudra of the Inner Self


Yogapedia Explains Mudra Of The Inner Self

By positioning Mudra of the Inner Self beneath the chin, the hands form a symbolic temple. According to ancient wisdom, the soul lies at this exact point, and so this mudra is a way of offering devotion to the divine inner self. Our inner nature is usually concealed by physical presence, but Mudra of the Inner Self shines a light on the soul within.

When holding this mudra in a cross-legged meditation position, the body parts form several triangles. Since the triangle is believed to be a symbol of the divine, the combination of body and hand positioning in Mudra of the Inner Self is an additional expression of devotion.

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