Maha Sacral Mudra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Maha Sacral Mudra Mean?

Maha Sacral Mudra is a sacred hand gesture or 'seal,' otherwise known as the 'lower pelvis' mudra. This gesture is used to relieve the symptoms of abdominal conditions, such as menstrual cramps, digestive problems and bladder or prostate disorders.

Follow these steps to practice Maha Sacral Mudra:

  1. Come to a stable sitting posture with an upright spine.
  2. Place the pads of your ring fingers together, and touch your little fingers to your thumbs.
  3. Hold this position of the hands for at least 10 slow and steady breaths.
  4. Next, place the pads of your little fingers together, and touch your ring fingers to your thumbs.
  5. Hold this position of the hands for at least 10 slow and steady breaths.

Repeat this sequence as many times as you like, for a minimum of seven minutes. For optimal results, Maha Sacral Mudra should be practiced 2 to 3 times per day.

maha sacral mudramaha sacral mudra


Yogapedia Explains Maha Sacral Mudra

Maha Sacral Mudra is particularly effective for those with difficulty letting go. Tension, stress and emotions are often held in the pelvic or sacral region, leading to physical discomfort and elimination difficulties. This mudra helps the practitioner to feel calm and grounded, in order to process rather than store emotions.

Practicing Maha Bandha whilst holding Maha Sacral Mudra can help to amplify its effects, particularly in treating intestinal spasms and menstrual pain. If combining the two, Maha Bandha should be held between ten and thirty times. This will encourage a relaxing and balancing effect within the pelvic region.

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