Mahasirs Mudra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Mahasirs Mudra Mean?

Mahasirs mudra is a sacred hand gesture or 'seal,' primarily used to treat headaches. It can also improve circulation, relieve stress and eliminate mucus congestion in the sinuses. The tension-relieving effect of this mudra can help to balance energy in both body and mind.

Follow these steps to practice mahasirs mudra:

  1. Come to a stable meditation posture.
  2. On both hands, bring the tips of your thumb, middle finger and index finger together.
  3. Place your ring fingers in the crease near the base of your thumbs.
  4. Extend your little fingers.
  5. Close your eyes and focus on deep and steady breaths.

This mudra can be practiced as often as required, for at least six minutes. For maximum benefits, practice mahasirs mudra three times per day.

Mahasirs mudra is also known as the Large Head mudra.

Mahasirs mudra


Yogapedia Explains Mahasirs Mudra

Mahasirs mudra helps to counter the effects of tension in the eyes, neck, back and pelvis, as well as congestion in the sinuses or digestion. All of these ailments lead to a build-up of energy in the head, which may result in pain, headaches or migraines. Practicing mahasirs mudra can provide immediate relief from the discomfort, as well as re-balancing the body's energy.

In addition to practicing this mudra, it is important to direct the awareness away from the head and towards other parts of the body such as the feet, hands or abdomen. This will help to relieve pain, as well as stimulate relaxation throughout the body and mind.

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large head mudra

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