Ksepana Mudra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ksepana Mudra Mean?

Ksepana Mudra is a sacred hand gesture or 'seal', known as the gesture of pouring out and letting go. It is used as a means of draining negative energy and attracting positive energy or chi. Ksepana Mudra stimulates elimination through the skin, lungs and large intestine, as well as through energetic channels.

This mudra helps to let go of negative energy absorbed by other people, and restores low energy levels through the absorption of fresh and positive chi.

Follow these steps to practice Ksepana Mudra:

  1. Begin with hands at heart centre, elbows bent.
  2. Bring the index fingers flat against one another, and interlace the remaining fingers.
  3. Cross the thumbs, resting the pad of each thumb on the back of the hands.
  4. Press the index fingers together, but ensure that there is a small hollow space between the palms of the hands.
  5. Point the index fingers towards the ground.
  6. Hold for 7 to 15 slow and even breaths, focussing on lengthening the exhalation or sighing out the breath.

Yogapedia Explains Ksepana Mudra

Ksepana Mudra is particularly useful in times of frustration or stress, and can be a powerful way of letting go of anything that is no longer serving you. It is used to soothe irritation and aggravation, as well as to reinforce optimistic or positive thoughts.

Ksepana Mudra can be practiced seated or in a supine position. If lying down, the index fingers should be pointed towards the feet. After completing the above steps, release the hands to the thighs or to the ground, palms facing the sky. This will allow absorption of positive energy in place of whatever energy was released during the mudra practice.

It's important not to hold this gesture for too long, as it can cause positive energy to be released. According to Feng Shui principles, those practicing Ksepana Mudra should not point their index fingers towards a door. Doors are thought to be a point of welcome, and the power of this mudra may impact the energy of this space.

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