Rainbow Reiki

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Rainbow Reiki Mean?

Rainbow Reiki is based on the traditional Usui system of hands-on healing, combined with additional symbols and techniques. Rainbow Reiki was developed by Walter Lübeck in the 1980's, and builds on Usui Reiki through in-depth research on meditation, communication, shamanism, and spiritual psychology.

This type of Reiki focuses on personality development as well as spiritual healing, offering techniques such as Karma Clearing, Astral Projection and Crystal Healing.


Yogapedia Explains Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow Reiki embraces and combines several different healing traditions, as a means of expanding personal development beyond the limits of only one culture or approach. It calls upon spirit guides, angels and deities, as well as the inner child and the higher self, working together in order to create spiritual wisdom.

As a healing modality, Rainbow Reiki works to balance energy through chakras, mantras, symbols and crystals. It is a hands-on healing therapy, in which a trained professional matches various frequencies of healing energy to the frequency of specific physical or emotional conditions.

Rainbow Reiki is based on principles of acceptance, love and union with the divine. As such, the person receiving Reiki is expected to actively participate in self-development, in order to aid the healing of body and mind.

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