Crystal Grid

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Crystal Grid Mean?

A Crystal Grid is used in Reiki as a means of creating a sacred space to promote healing. It is comprised of charged quartz crystals, laid out in a specific grid formation, the shape of which is determined by the intention or purpose for the grid. A photograph may be placed underneath a Crystal Grid, as a way to provide distance Reiki to loved ones.


Yogapedia Explains Crystal Grid

The formation of a Crystal Grid is determined by the crystals themselves. The energy flow of a 'master crystal' and 'central crystal' are used to draw energetic lines, which create a unique grid-like pattern.

Crystal Grids should be created with sacred intention, and the crystals used must first be cleansed and then charged with Reiki energy. Within the grid, lines of high-frequency light link the stones to one another, creating a powerful energetic vortex.

These grids can be used for distance healing, helping a global situation, improving careers or relationships or healing a specific illness or health issue. Once the grid is created, it must be charged for a few minutes each day in order to maintain its energy.

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