Aieem Namah

Definition - What does Aieem Namah mean?

Aieem Namah is a mantra or sacred phrase in Sanskrit, used in meditation as a means of harnessing and focussing the mind. Often prefixed with Om, Aieem Namah roughly translates to 'my true self is inspired and wise.' This mantra activates the creativity within pure awareness, and is therefore associated with inspiration and wisdom.

Yogapedia explains Aieem Namah

Aieem Namah can be repeated silently or audibly during meditation as a means of invoking creativity and knowledge. This mantra encourages consciousness to create and make decisions from a place of freedom, so it can be called upon any time one is feeling blocked or creatively stuck.

When repeating this mantra, a japa mala can be used to count the recitations. Generally, mantras are chanted 108 times as this is an auspicious number in yoga. By repeating Aieem Namah 108 times, its capacity to unlock creativity is increased.

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