Guru’s Grace

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Guru’s Grace Mean?

A guru's grace is essentially a channel for experiencing the divine. In order to experience this, a devotee must surrender completely to the guru, offering pure and unconditional love. Only in this state of selfless surrender can a guru offer their grace, a transmission of energy that allows the devotee to achieve self-realization and become united with God.

The word guru stems from two Sanskrit roots; gu meaning darkness, and ru meaning to dispel. A true guru is an enlightened spiritual master, who helps a practitioner to dispel darkness in order to reveal the light of their true self. A guru can offer their grace to spark divine love and liberation from suffering.


Yogapedia Explains Guru’s Grace

The Yogic path of guru's grace is known as gurukrupayoga, and it is thought to be the most rapid form of spiritual progress. Devotees can only advance on this path if the guru wills them to do so, and this willingness is also known as the guru's grace. The guru can offer this grace through eye contact, a sacred word, thought or touch of the third eye, but only if the devotee is thought to be karmically ready.

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