Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Rita Mean?

Sanskrit for 'truth' or 'order', Rita is a central concept in Vedic philosophy, used to explain the principle that governs the order of the universe. Rita is responsible for the proper functioning of natural, moral, religious and sacrificial order, and is the founding principle for dharma (duty) and karma (action).

Rita is described in ancient Indian scriptures called the Vedas, and it is said to be a divine power that provides balance and harmony in the world.


Yogapedia Explains Rita

Rita is an all-pervading cosmic order that provides balance in both the natural world and human society. It is because of Rita that the seasons change, and that the sun rises and sets. Rita not only controls the forces of nature, but also moral values and human suffering.

According to the Vedas, this universal law is protected by the Gods Varuna and Mitra, even though they remain subject to Rita. In order to guarantee the continued maintenance of Rita, it is believed that sacrifices must, therefore, be made to these Gods.

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