Dasya Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Dasya Yoga Mean?

Dasya yoga is a type of yoga created by New York City-based professional dominatrix, yoga teacher and activist Danielle Blunt. Dasya yoga combines elements of BDSM with tantra and more traditional practices from hatha yoga, such as asana, mudras and breath work.

Dasya yoga came about through Blunt’s interest in the intersection between pain, tenderness and healing. She wanted a way in which power dynamics, desire and pain could be explored through yoga as one of the paths of devotion. The word dasya itself is a Sanskrit word meaning “service” or “servitude”.


Yogapedia Explains Dasya Yoga

Dasya yoga is taught in private yoga sessions that are held one-to-one with a dominant teacher. Each session can be tailored to the student’s specific interests as well as their desires and fetishes. They are said to be suitable for masochists, submissives and those who crave human touch.

Blunt believes that by bringing in elements from BDSM of negotiation, establishing trust, surrender and consent, an ideal environment for healing is created. Dasya yoga is said to help encourage healthier ways of managing pain.

The benefits of dasya yoga are reported to be that it:

  • Encourages self care

  • Cultivates personal growth and development

  • Brings great joy

  • Improves overall health and wellbeing

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