Rasa Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Rasa Yoga Mean?

Rasa Yoga is a yoga studio and style of yoga founded by California-based yoga instructor Sianna Sherman. Rasa Yoga blends the physical practice of vinyasa flow and intelligent alignment with mantra chanting, myth, pranayama, tantra, mudras, rituals and meditation as a means of personal and collective transformation.

Rasa Yoga offers a range of yoga classes, as well as on-site and online teacher training, retreats and workshops. Also offered is a mentorship program for all levels of teachers; all mentors are Yoga Alliance-certified.


Yogapedia Explains Rasa Yoga

Founder Sianna Sherman is an internationally known speaker, storyteller, Tantric practitioner and yoga teacher, who has been featured at conferences and festivals worldwide. She also founded the trademarked Mythic Yoga Flow and Urban Princess, a school to empower women.

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that describes a state of complete absorption. It originally referred to the transformational state that performing artists created internally and for their audiences. In this state, the mind is quieted and feeling takes over the body. In the context of yoga, rasa is the energy of human emotion.

The modern Rasa Yoga is designed to awaken the yogi's creativity while still honoring the traditions of yoga.

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