Hridaya Yoga

Definition - What does Hridaya Yoga mean?

Hridaya Yoga is a type of yoga that is focused on awakening the spiritual heart as the path to liberation. The name comes from the Sanskrit root hri, meaning “to give”; da, meaning “to take”; and ya, which derives from yam, meaning “balance.” The word is often translated as “spiritual heart” or literally as “that which gives and takes in perfect balance.” Yoga means “union,” so Hridaya Yoga is the “yoga of the spiritual heart.”

This style of yoga employs meditation and contemplation, as well as Hatha yoga practices.

Yogapedia explains Hridaya Yoga

Based at the Hridaya Yoga Center in Mexico, Hridaya Yoga is a school, community and retreat center with teachers and branches throughout the world. Its philosophy was developed by yogi and meditation teacher Sahajananda, who also founded the center.

A key aspect of the Hridaya Yoga philosophy is the spiritual path of Hridaya Meditation. It consists of three aspects:

  • Awareness of the heart center
  • Awareness of short pauses after inhaling and exhaling
  • Self-inquiry (contemplating the question “Who am I?”)

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