Dream Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Dream Yoga Mean?

Dream Yoga is a form of lucid dreaming that awakens inner, spiritual consciousness, but it goes beyond just lucid dreaming. The practice has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism, where its aim is to discover the nature of reality, or realize emptiness.

Along with transformational lucid dreaming, Dream Yoga combines conscious sleeping and astral projection, which is the separating of consciousness from the physical body, also called an out-of-body experience. The goal is spiritual growth and mind training.


Yogapedia Explains Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga begins in lucid dreaming, which is being fully conscious within the dream, aware that you are dreaming and with the ability to do whatever you wish in this dream state. Dream Yoga goes deeper into self-transcendence.

To enter the lucid dreaming state and practice Dream Yoga, the yogi needs a strong desire to dream lucidly (similar to awakening at a certain time simply because you've decided you will). In Buddhism, mindfulness meditation awakens the yogi to the contents of the mind. He then becomes more mindful (lucid) of the contents of his mind during dreams.

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