Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does YogaFaith Mean?

YogaFaith is a Christian-based yoga school founded by Michelle Thielen, a U.S.-based yoga trainer. Accredited by the Yoga Alliance, YogaFaith offers yoga classes, retreats, workshops, teacher training and continuing education.

Yoga is most associated with religions that have roots on the Indian subcontinent, particularly Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Classes in YogaFaith incorporate the meditative and physical practice of yoga, but use English or native-language names for poses rather than Sanskrit. Christian symbols, such as crosses or the Bible, replace the Hindu or Buddhist icons.


Yogapedia Explains YogaFaith

Because of its connection to Eastern religions, some Christians believe yoga is incompatible with their faith and is, itself, a form of religion. YogaFaith, however, points out that historians believe yoga predates religion. Rather than being a religion, yoga practices have been incorporated into Eastern religions. A YogaFaith class, therefore, is designed to provide the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga in a Christian environment.

Rather than beginning class with a Sanskrit mantra, or chant, YogaFaith begins with a Christian prayer, inviting Christ into the space. In fact, Thielen calls this prayer the “most important part of any YogaFaith class.” Finally, YogaFaith meditations focus on Christ.

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