Christ Centered Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Christ Centered Yoga Mean?

In the general sense, Christ-centered yoga is a form of the ancient physical and spiritual practice that focuses on a Christian perspective. Yoga, which has its roots in India and the religions that developed there (Hinduism and Buddhism among them), it is traditionally practiced with symbols and chants specific to that culture. More and more Christians found yoga physically and spiritually beneficial, but wanted to incorporate a Christ-centered approach. Many variations, classes and schools now attract Christian yogis.

More specifically, Christ Centered Yoga is a trademarked practice and Yoga Alliance registered school that provides a non-traditional way to connect with Christ.


Yogapedia Explains Christ Centered Yoga

Christ Centered Yoga was founded by Georgia-based yogi Becky Martin. She describes it in her promotional materials as “a physical practice whose goal is to draw the practitioner into a personal connection with Christ by studying God’s word and allowing its truth to lay the mental and spiritual foundation by which we add the physical practice of yoga.”

The classes, retreats and workshops presented by Christ Centered Yoga use body, mind and spirit to glorify Jesus Christ. While Christian-focused, the program welcomes all faiths.

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, Christ Centered Yoga strives to create a personal connection with Christ by incorporating scripture readings, prayer and praise into the practice.

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