Karuna Hum

Last Updated: November 21, 2018

Definition - What does Karuna Hum mean?

Karuna hum is a Sanskrit mantra that can be used as a silent focus of meditation, whispered or chanted aloud. Its English translation is “I am compassion,” or “Compassion is my true nature.”

The karuna hum mantra can help the yogi reconnect with their deep sense of compassion and connection with others. It reduces or even removes any false sense of separation and defensiveness against others, and cultivates feelings of deep love and kindness.

Yogapedia explains Karuna Hum

The sounds of the karuna hum mantra, as with all mantras, can gradually calm the yogi’s mind and body to allow the deeper understanding of the words to sink in. The individual words of the mantra mean:

  • Karuna - the purest compassion which can only come from the knowledge that all beings are absolutely connected through a shared consciousness
  • Hum - either “I” or “I am”

The words karuna hum together therefore help the yogi to remember that compassion is their true nature and release any judgement or condemnation of others. When they see others instead through this lens of compassion, they can become a conduit for peace and understanding.

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