Forearm Side Plank Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Forearm Side Plank Pose Mean?

Forearm side plank pose is a variation of the balance pose, side plank pose. Its set up is the same as for side plank pose, with the body forming one straight line, side-on to the ground, supported by the outer edge of one foot. Instead of the rest of the body weight being supported by the hand as in side plank, the whole forearm comes to the ground. This eases any pressure on the wrist.

Forearm side plank pose is known as a variation of vasisthasana in Sanskrit.


Yogapedia Explains Forearm Side Plank Pose

The benefits of forearm side plank pose include:

  • Strengthens the muscles of the core and upper body without straining the wrists

  • Stabilizes the torso

  • Improves proprioception and balance

  • Improves shoulder stability

It is particularly useful for yogis whose wrists are injured or fatigued.

The position of the forearm may be parallel to the body, which is more challenging for the balance, or it can be perpendicular to the body to make the balance easier.

Forearm side plank pose can also be performed with any leg variation, including the top leg lifted, in tree legs or half lotus legs.

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Forearm Side Plank

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