Labyrinth Meditation

Definition - What does Labyrinth Meditation mean?

Labyrinth meditation is a form of meditating while walking a circuitous path that typically winds from the outer edge of the labyrinth to the center and back again. Labyrinths for meditation are often a circular pattern and, unlike mazes, have only one way in and one way out with no dead ends or tricks.

Like traditional yogic meditation, labyrinth meditation is designed to focus the mind and can be a tool to help yogis on a spiritual path to Self-realization or a higher reality.

Yogapedia explains Labyrinth Meditation

A form of walking meditation, labyrinth meditation can be experienced in many ways. The only rule is to remain quiet, thereby respecting others who may be on their own labyrinth meditation.

Some yogis prepare for the labyrinth meditation by sitting quietly and meditating or simply reflecting before entering the labyrinth. Typically, you release – stress, anxiety, concerns or attachments – on the walk to the center. At the center of the labyrinth, you receive, and you may linger there to meditate further. The walk back allows further reflection as you return to the world.

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