Visuddha Chakra Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Visuddha Chakra Mantra Mean?

Visuddha chakra mantra refers to any mantra associated with visuddha, or the throat, chakra. Generally, it refers to ham, the bija, or seed, mantra connected with visuddha chakra.

Chanting ham while focusing attention on the throat space is thought to be an effective way to activate and balance the throat chakra. It can be done as a practice in itself or the mantra may also be chanted while practicing an asana that stimulates the throat chakra such as salamba sarvangasana, or supported shoulder stand.


Yogapedia Explains Visuddha Chakra Mantra

Working with the visuddha chakra mantra improves the yogi's ability to speak their truth, sharing communication in a way which is honest, uplifting and wise. Chanting a mantra is particularly effective as a way of working with this chakra due to its close connection with sound and the voice. There is also thought to be an effect on the yogi's ability to deeply listen through purifying the vishuddha chakra.

Because visuddha chakra is the first of the three spiritual chakras, it is associated with a higher form of communication. Working with it may be supported by work on the lower chakras first to give the freedom from fear as well as the understanding of the self needed to communicate in a compassionate way.

An alternative to chanting ham is to use a mantra such as, “My words are like seeds.” This connects to the power of visuddha chakra and reminds the yogi of the value of their speech.

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Visuddha Mantra

Vishuddha Chakra Mantra

Vishuddha Mantra

Vishuddhi Chakra Mantra

Vishuddhi Mantra

Visuddhi Chakra Mantra

Visuddhi Mantra

Visshudda Chakra Mantra

Visshudda Mantra

Kantha Kamala Chakra Mantra

Kantha Kamala Mantra

Throat Chakra Mantra

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