Svadisthana Chakra Mantra

Definition - What does Svadisthana Chakra Mantra mean?

Svadisthana chakra mantra can refer to any mantra associated with the sacral chakra, svadisthana. Usually, it is taken to mean vam, the bija, or seed, mantra connected with the svadisthana chakra.

Working with the mantra, vam, while focusing on the area between the pubic bone and the navel is one way to connect with the svadisthana chakra mantra. It can also be chanted while practicing postures, such as janu sirsasana, or head-to-knee pose, which stimulate tissues around the pelvis and hips.

Yogapedia explains Svadisthana Chakra Mantra

Working with the svadisthana chakra mantra is believed to help stimulate both creativity and sexuality. It may help release past hurt in order to allow creative and sexual energies to flow more freely. The svadisthana chakra mantra may allow the yogi to feel more open to others, giving them the confidence to express themselves openly and creatively. It is also said to improve personal magnetism and even increase longevity.

Instead of chanting vam, it is possible to use any svadisthana chakra mantra that is associated with the energy of the sacral chakra. For example, “Creativity flows through me.” This reminds the yogi of their own creative potential and power.

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