Muladhara Chakra Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Muladhara Chakra Mantra Mean?

Muladhara chakra mantra can be taken to mean any mantra associated with the root chakra, muladhara. Most commonly, this refers to lam, which is the bija, or seed, mantra associated with the muladhara chakra.

Working with the mantra, lam, while focusing on the base of the spine is one way that yogis may choose to work with muladhara chakra mantra. It can also be chanted during standing postures that help with grounding, such as tadasana (mountain pose) or trikonasana (triangle pose).


Yogapedia Explains Muladhara Chakra Mantra

Balancing the root chakra using a muladhara chakra mantra may lay the foundations for working with the higher chakras. Working with the muladhara chakra mantra is believed to help boost feelings of security, safety and well-being. It is thought to be particularly useful during times of stress or financial worry to bring about greater calm and a sense of being grounded. It may even help alleviate anxiety or stress-related physical conditions such as adrenal fatigue syndrome.

Instead of chanting lam, yogis may choose to chant an alternative muladhara chakra mantra that is associated with the grounding energy of the root chakra. For example, “I am strong, stable and at peace.”

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Muladhara Mantra

Muladhara Activation Mantra

Mooladhara Activation Mantra

Root Chakra Mantra

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