Eka Pada Makarasana

Definition - What does Eka Pada Makarasana mean?

Eka pada makarasana is a balancing posture where the body is supported by the forearms and one foot, with the hips lifted to form an inverted "V" shape. It is a more challenging variation of dolphin pose.

As well its physical benefits, it is believed to improve concentration, stamina and balance. Its name comes from the Sanskrit, eka, which means "one," pada, which means “foot,” makara, which means “crocodile,” and asana, which means "posture" or "seat.” Eka pada makarasana may also be known in English as one-legged dolphin pose.

Eka Pada Makarasana

Yogapedia explains Eka Pada Makarasana

As with dolphin pose, the inverted nature of the posture with the head lower than the heart means it is connected with sahasrara chakra. Working with postures that stimulate sahasrara chakra is thought to help bring greater trust, connection and happiness to the yogi through connection to the Higher Self or the Divine.

Eka pada makarasana is considered a stimulating posture for the nervous system. On a holistic level, eka pada makarasana is also considered to be beneficial for alleviating stress, anxiety and mild depression. It increases concentration and builds self awareness.

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