Yogi Staff Pose

Last Updated: November 26, 2018

Definition - What does Yogi Staff Pose mean?

Yogi staff pose is very challenging seated posture. In this asymmetrical posture, the pelvis is grounded, with one foot on the ground and the knee bent, and the other foot on the outside of the arm or armpit. It is so called because the practitioner effectively leans onto their leg as a crutch. It requires a great deal of hip mobility and flexibility and as such should only be attempted by experienced practitioners after fully warming up.

Yoga staff pose may also be referred to by its Sanskrit name, yogadandasana.

Yogapedia explains Yogi Staff Pose

Some of the benefits of this challenging posture include that it:

  • Increases mobility in lower body, including the knees and ankles

  • Allows the spine to rest

  • Releases the lower back

  • Externally rotates and stretches the hips

It is also considered by some to be a relaxing and restful pose for the body though only once they have the flexibility to manage the posture with ease.

To prepare for the posture, sequences which include hip-opening postures such as lizard pose, pigeon pose and half happy baby on the back can be useful.

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