CrossFlowX (TM)

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does CrossFlowX (TM) Mean?

CrossFlowX (TM) is a modern style of yoga created by Heidi Kristoffer, a New York-based yoga instructor and fitness trainer. This fusion style of yoga combines traditional yoga kriyas with more fitness-inspired movements. These fitness movements may include body weight strength training, powerful core work and high intensity cardio intervals.

CrossFlowX (TM) is generally a fast-paced and dynamic flowing class, intended to build up a sweat and raise the heart rate. It is thus considered beneficial for developing all round fitness.


Yogapedia Explains CrossFlowX (TM)

Kristoffer created the CrossFlowX (TM) style specifically for a boutique yoga and fitness studio in New York called The Movement, then expanded it to include online yoga classes. It is marketed towards those who may find traditional yoga classes too gentle or slow-paced. Some describe it as a “yoga party.”

A typical CrossFlowX (TM) class will be to music, creating an uplifting, energizing and positive emphasis. As well as the core work and strength training, the yoga flows are likely to focus on arm balancing and inversions. It is practiced barefoot.

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