Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Aladani Mean?

In some teachings about yogic meditation, aladani is the name given to the transition stage between dreaming and the deep sleep states of consciousness. It is not a state that is ordinarily experienced consciously, but instead is very subtle. It is important because it is the state in which latent and formless impressions began to emerge, before they take form in the unconscious mind. In aladani, the images that will ultimately become dream sequences are born.


Yogapedia Explains Aladani

The similarity in name between aladani and Aladdin is said to be reminiscent of the story of Aladdin’s lamp. The genie of the lamp exists in latent form, but once the lamp has been rubbed, the transition begins in which the genie comes into its full solid form. In the transition stage, akin to aladani, the genie exists in a wispy, changing cloud-like form.

The thought patterns that exist in aladani transition are not manifested, but are the start of the enlivening of samskaras, the subtle impressions of past actions and source of karma. If in deep meditation, a practitioner begins to touch upon the transition state of aladani, it is said to be a very alluring and distracting experience. They begin to see not only the emergence of samskaras, but also the way that the subtle realms can be manifested and even manipulated.

Progressing further than awareness of the transition state of aladani is necessary for one on the path to self realisation. They must learn to acknowledge the stirrings of samskaras within aladani and allow them to fall back to rest in order to experience the Absolute.

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