Yoga Blanket

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Yoga Blanket Mean?

A yoga blanket is a prop used in some styles of yoga to support the body. They can help the yoga practitioner to find a better or more comfortable alignment in the posture. The are popular because of their versatility – a blanket can be folded, rolled or opened depending on the need. As such, yoga blankets can be integrated into the whole practice, or simply used as a cover up to keep the students warm during periods of stillness, such as in meditation.


Yogapedia Explains Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets can be used in many postures, such as:

  • Folded, to lift the hips for seated postures such as staff pose or bound angle pose.

  • Folded under the shoulder to help ease the neck in shoulderstand

  • Rolled to support under one hip if it lifts in pigeon pose

  • Rolled between ankles and hips in child's pose

  • Rolled to clasp between the legs for core work or bridge pose

  • Rolled and on the ground to stimulate the abdominal area in cobra pose or when lying face down.

  • Open to cover the whole body in savasana

Yoga blankets may be particularly commonly used for Iyengar yoga classes or yin yoga, both of which rely heavily on the use of props to support the body.

Any blanket may be used as a yoga blanket, however it is possible to buy custom-designed yoga blankets, which can be of varying weights and may be made of natural fabrics.

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