Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji

Definition - What does Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji mean?

Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji was an esteemed guru, known for his teaching about yoga, his first hand knowledge of yogic techniques and his humility. He was said to have acquired several supernatural powers or siddhis through his intensive studies in a number of traditions.

Now well known for the way he influenced his disciple, Shri Yogendra, it is said that Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji poured all of his learning, knowledge, skills and insights into Shri Yogendra for him to carry on his work. As such Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji is now cited as the beginning of the lineage of many yoga schools that exist today.

Yogapedia explains Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji

Born in 1798 into a Mukhopadhyaya family in Bengal, Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji was employed by the judicial department until he felt compelled to leave his job and renounce the world. He travelled through Assam, Tibet and the Himalayas, determines to learn different traditions. He was influenced by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the Order of Vaisnavisam before becoming a follower of Bhakti.

He established an ashram to share his learnings in Malsar, Gujrat.

Having transferred his learning to his followers, especially Shri Yogendra, it is said that Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji took a voluntary Samadhi and died in 1921, aged 123 years.

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