Peak Pose

Definition - What does Peak Pose mean?

The term “peak pose” typically refers to the most challenging yoga posture or postures in a sequence. Sequencing is how the yoga poses are structured and the order in which they are practiced. The sequence differs from one style of yoga to another, but the is designed to achieve particular benefits and to support the peak pose or poses.

The sequence leading to a peak pose may be warm-up postures, focusing poses and additional poses that prepare the yogi for the peak pose. The peak pose may be followed by postures that work opposing body parts or muscles, finishing with a cool-down.

Yogapedia explains Peak Pose

The purposes of sequencing with peak poses include:

  • Preparing the yogi so as to avoid injury
  • Increasing the probability of success in the more challenging postures
  • Achieving maximum benefits of the peak pose

It is common for sequences to build in difficulty from the warmup to the peak pose. Peak poses can also be an exploration of aspects or variations of simple poses. For example, tree pose can be a peak pose in a simple sequence that explores the different ways of engaging muscles in the pose, as well as variations of the arm, hand and leg positions.

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