Astral Light

Definition - What does Astral Light mean?

Astral light is a term used in different schools of spirituality and theosophy to mean slightly different things. Some define it as the controlling energy that exists on the astral plane, while others describe it as the energy that the astral plane itself is made of, its structural essence.

Astral light may also be considered to be the place where all energy is stored until it moves into the physical plane of the universe.

The meaning of astral is "starry," and as such, the term astral was used by ancient philosophers to denote realms above the earthly or terrestrial spheres.

Yogapedia explains Astral Light

Astral light can be likened to other concepts such as ether, mana and vital thought.

The concept of astral lights as a way in which energy is stored means it is thought to be the vessel for all the energy that moves from the physical plane into the spiritual plane. As such, it creates a record, the akashic record, of all things that have taken place. It is said to hold impressions of thoughts and feelings, as well as their transformation into memory.

In some teachings, the subtle astral light is said to be perceivable by those who have achieved great depths of meditation practice. They may see the astral light as a spiritual eye through the perception of their soul.

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