Superconscious Chanting

Definition - What does Superconscious Chanting mean?

Superconscious chanting is a form of chanting of which it is said that the vibrations of the chanting, especially of the cosmic vibration “Aum” or “Om,” are converted internally into realization, and as such they are established in the superconscious, subconscious and conscious minds. This is considered by many to be a very deep and accomplished experience, and one which may take many years of practice.

Superconscious chanting allows for the spiritual experience of the deeper truths. Once a chant has brought about a response from the superconscious, some describe it as having been spiritualized.

Yogapedia explains Superconscious Chanting

It is said that the true meaning of “Aum” can only be fully owned and understood by the practitioner once they have experienced superconscious chanting, and the chant has come back to them as a superconscious experience.

Superconscious chanting can, therefore, be considered to be chanting in which the mind is absolutely focused on hearing the cosmic sound as it vibrates through the ether. In this case, what the practitioner is hearing is not an imitation vocalization of the sound, but the sound of the universe itself.

Keeping attention on the real cosmic vibration that is “Aum” or “Om”, is said to be the first step to experiencing superconscious chanting. Chanting should always be conducted in a devotional manner, with increasing understanding, rather than absent-mindedly.

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