Subconscious Chanting

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Subconscious Chanting Mean?

Subconscious chanting is a form of chanting in which the chanting itself becomes automatic, and is only carried out at the level of internal consciousness. The subconscious mind effortlessly continues to repeat a chant without needing the attention of the conscious mind. This is believed to destroy false impressions in the subconscious mind, helping the practitioner to become closer to realizing the truth. It can be considered a form of cleansing and a devotional practice.


Yogapedia Explains Subconscious Chanting

Some yogic and spiritual teachings state that there are five stages of chanting. These are:

1. Chanting out loud

2. Chanting in a whisper

3. Chanting mentally

4. Subconscious chanting

5. Superconscious chanting

As such, subconscious chanting is the last step before achieving superconscious chanting, which is where the superconscious mind can perceive the actual vibration of “Aum” or "Om" in the cosmos, rather than any representative vocalization of it.

It is recommended that the practitioner regularly sets aside time for chanting, working through the first three stages up to mental chanting, then allowing the chanting to become deeper and deeper until it permeates the subconscious mind. This paves the way for superconscious realization, in which the Divine can be comprehended.

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