Christian Yoga Class

Definition - What does Christian Yoga Class mean?

A Christian yoga class incorporates the physical practice of yoga — poses and meditation — with Christian symbols and mantras, rather than Hindu or Buddhist icons and chants. The idea is to offer the mental and physical benefits of yoga in an environment that's comfortable for devout Christians and in line with their beliefs.

Instead of a statuette of Buddha or Ganesh, for example, as might be found in a traditional yoga class, a Christian yoga class might substitute a Bible or a cross.

Yogapedia explains Christian Yoga Class

Christian yoga brands include Yahweh Yoga, Christ Centered Yoga and YogaFaith. Some yoga-like classes have removed all reference to yoga to avoid any connection with the practice's Hindu and Buddhist roots. They include WholyFit and PraiseMoves.

Christian yoga classes may use the English name for yoga poses or rename them using Christian terms. In place of Sanskrit mantras — which frequently call on Hindu deities — Christian yoga classes may substitute Christian prayers or scripture readings. Some even incorporate Bible study with the yoga classes. Traditional Christian worship music and hymns may take the place of background chanting and music commonly associated with yoga.

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