Holy Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Holy Yoga Mean?

Holy Yoga is a type of Christian yoga that incorporates aspects of traditional yoga practice, but with a Christ-centered focus. While Holy Yoga asserts that yoga is a spiritual discipline not tied to a specific religion, it avoids some concepts associated with Hinduism.

Yogi and author, Brooke Boon, founded Holy Yoga Global, LLC, in 2006. Holy Yoga provides teacher training and certification, including an advanced masters program. Holy Yoga TV offers online yoga classes weekly as well as archived videos.


Yogapedia Explains Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga practice includes the physical poses, meditation and breathing exercises derived from traditional yoga, and adds Bible verses and prayer. Some traditional concepts and practices are not part of Holy Yoga. While Boon believes such concepts are not incompatible with a Christian yoga practice, she has left them out of Holy Yoga in order to avoid confusion.

For example, Holy Yoga avoids using the ancient Sanskrit names for yoga poses — a language associated with Hinduism — and encourages teachers to use English or their country's native language. Likewise, Holy Yoga classes do not chant OM, the primal vibrational sound of the universe.

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