Bandhu Dya Kriya

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Bandhu Dya Kriya Mean?

Bandhu dya kriya is a technique in Kundalini yoga to generate kindness. It is a seated meditative posture in which the hands are held in front of the heart. In this hasta mudra (hand gesture), the tips of the middle fingers and the tips of the little fingers touch, while the lower corner of each palm (below the little fingers) also touch. To complete the kriya, the yogi inhales eight short breaths and then exhales with lips puckered, creating a whistling sound.


Yogapedia Explains Bandhu Dya Kriya

Bandhu dya kriya should be practiced for 11 minutes in a comfortable seated position (a blanket may be used under the sit bones). More skilled yogis who have extensive experience practicing bandhu dya kriya may add one minute per week up to 31 minutes.

The name of this practice comes from the Sanskrit bandhu, meaning “kinship,” “friend” and “respect”; dya, meaning “kindness”; and kriya, meaning “completed action.” Bandhu dya kriya is effective when facing a crisis, as it promotes connectedness.

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