Soham Shivoham Mantra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Soham Shivoham Mantra Mean?

Soham Shivoham mantra is one of the main mantras of the Shaivism branch of Hinduism. Meditating on Soham Shivoham mantra is believed to lead the yogi to an understanding of his true nature and higher Self.

This mantra is typically translated as “I am That, I am pure consciousness.” It comes from the Sanskrit soham, meaning “I am that very person,” while Shivoham means “I am Shiva.” Lord Shiva is the principal deity of Shaivism, one of the main sects of Hinduism.


Yogapedia Explains Soham Shivoham Mantra

Another translation of the Soham Shivoham mantra is: “I am what He is.” Some translations incorporate literal and symbolic meanings of the words: “I am That. I am Shiva. I am pure consciousness.”

The mantra reflects the Hindu and yogic philosophy of connecting the inner Self with the Ultimate Reality or the universal source of all creation. For Shaivites, Lord Shiva represents this Ultimate Reality. By chanting this mantra, the yogi is believed to strengthen this connection and weaken the influence of the individual ego.

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Soham Shivoham

So'ham Shivoham

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