Definition - What does Moonbathing mean?

Moonbathing is the practice of exposing oneself to the light of the moon in an effort to drink in the cooling lunar energy. In Ayurveda — the traditional Indian healing system and sister science of yoga — moonbathing is used to calm the pitta dosha, the bio-energy that regulates metabolism and heat. Balancing the doshas is believed to bring the body's systems into harmony and promote healing and wellness.

The practice of moonbathing is believed to be beneficial for hypertension, rashes, hives and various inflammatory conditions.

Yogapedia explains Moonbathing

There are many ways to moonbathe. It could be an ancient ritual whereby the yogi sits in the moonlight encircled by bowls of water, which are believed to collect the moonlight. The yogi then bathes with the water and may even drink some of the water. Meditation may be part of the ritual.

Moonbathing can also be as simple as:

  • Lying on a blanket under the moon, as you would if sunbathing
  • Sitting near a window taking in the moonlight
  • Taking a walk on a moonlit night

Traditionally, moonbathing was believed to be most effective between the new moon and the full moon.

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