Definition - What does Sthula-Parvan mean?

Sthula-parvan is the name given in yogic philosophy to the physical, course realm of nature or prakriti.

Sthula is a Sanskrit term, which can be translated as “that which is fixed and manifest.” It is often associated with things that exist tangibly in the physical world and may be considered to be made of coarse material, including the human body, trees, plants and all physical objects. The etymology of parvan is complex, but can be taken as meaning a “portion, part or division.”

Yogapedia explains Sthula-Parvan

In yogic philosophy, sthula-parvan is often defined is in contrast with another more ethereal element of prakriti, sukshma-parvan. Sukshma-parvan denotes the levels of subtle existence of nature, those which do not have a gross, physical appearance and are, therefore, less tangible.

In addition to this, prakriti is also said to encompass an eternal dimension, known as pradhana. All elements of prakriti, including sthula-parvan are deemed to be unconscious and insentient.

All objects that exists in sthula-parvan are also said to have a sukshma-parvan existence, and thus the realms of sthula-parvan and sukshma-parvan are intrinsically connected.

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