Sankalpa Mudra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sankalpa Mudra Mean?

Sankalpa mudra is a hand gesture which is used either during meditation, contemplation or even a yoga posture to enhance the effect of a sankalpa or intention.

When it is performed during seated meditation, the left hand rests palm facing up on the right thigh, while the right hand covers the left with the palm facing down. The elbows are relaxed in beside the rib cage and the practitioner maintains a calm but alert posture. The practitioner then repeats, silently or out loud, their sankalpa.

sankalpa mudra yoga meditation


Yogapedia Explains Sankalpa Mudra

Like all mudras, sankalpa mudra provides an energetic seal. In this case, the mudra is said to connect the left and right sides of the brain, uniting the body, mind and spirit in cooperative action to bring about change. Energy stored in the body is thought to be released when the seal is made.

Once the hands are in position, the mudra can be held with a sense of stability and contentment.

This mudra may be used to enhance the effect of any sankalpa or resolution, goal or intention that the practitioner wants to work with.

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