Ong So Hung

Definition - What does Ong So Hung mean?

Ong so hung is a mantra dedicated to bringing world peace by acknowledging the innate connection between individuals and God. From Sanskrit, its meaning can be interpreted as “I am one with God, the universal creative consciousness.” In chanting this mantra the yogi honors their own absolute connection and unity with God, or the Divine.

Ong so hung is also considered to be a heart-centered mantra, and chanting it is said to open the anahata (heart chakra). It is commonly used in Kundalini yoga.

Yogapedia explains Ong So Hung

The components of Ong so hung can be separately translated as:

  • Ong — The creative consciousness or God
  • So hung — I am that

It is a simple mantra that conveys a deep spiritual meaning, that of the inner divinity of each individual. Many find this reassuring and soothing as well as inspiring and empowering.

Ong so hung can be chanted daily as part of a meditation practice, and this is recommended in order to experience the full impact of its heart-opening properties. Repetition of the mantra is said to enhance its power, but only if the yogi is chanting it with a full understanding of its meaning. Other reported effects of chanting the Ong so hung mantra include:

  • Experiencing deep bliss, warmth and compassion
  • Feeling both more vulnerable and more courageous
  • Having an elevated spiritual vibration, and being able to reach a level of higher consciousness
  • Tuning into intuition to bring about greater self trust
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