Parsva Visama Prapada Kaliasana

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Parsva Visama Prapada Kaliasana Mean?

Parsva visama prapada kaliasana is an asymmetrical standing balance pose which challenges the yogi's strength and balance in order to hold the legs in a goddess squat while the upper body leans to the side and one heel is lifted. As well its physical benefits, it is believed to build mental balance and focus.

From Sanskrit:

  • Parsva means “side”
  • Visama means “irregular” or “uneven”
  • Prapada means “tiptoes”
  • Kaliasana refers to the HIndu goddess, Kali, and asana, means "posture" or "seat”

It is so called because its shape resembles some of the depictions of Goddess Kali in Indian mythology. Parsva visama prapada kaliasana may also be known in English as sideways uneven tip toe pose dedicated to Goddess Kali.

Parsva Visama Prapada Kaliasana


Yogapedia Explains Parsva Visama Prapada Kaliasana

In emulating the posture of Goddess Kali, parsva visama prapada kaliasana also conjures up her strength and ferocity. Goddess Kali is regarded as a destroyer of evil forces and a figure of power over evil. She is a protector and one who can bestow moksha, or liberation, upon her devotees. As such, the pose may help the yogi to feel Kali's spirit, becoming more confident and empowered to overcome fears or challenges.

Due to the hip opening benefits of this posture, it is also associated with the muladhara and svadhisthana (the root and sacral chakras), which are connected with feelings of safety and security as well as pleasure and creativity.

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Parshva Visama Prapada Kaliasana

Parshva Vishama prapada kalyasana

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