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What Does Osho Mean?

Osho is the name that Indian cult leader, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-1990), adopted later in life. A controversial figure, he was dubbed the “sex guru” because of his unconventional ideas, including that sex was the first step on the path to what he called "superconsciousness." In 1970, he developed a discipline he named "dynamic meditation." This practice was designed to enable yogis to experience divinity.

Osho is also an honorific title of a Buddhist priest or a term for a priest in charge of a temple.


Yogapedia Explains Osho

Because of his unorthodox beliefs and methods, Osho (then still known as Rajneesh) fled India for the United States with a group of his disciples and set up a commune in Oregon. In disputes with neighbors, the commune leaders were eventually accused of murder, arson and wiretapping, among other charges, in 1984. Rajneesh pleaded guilty to immigration charges and returned to India, where his flock had shrunk significantly.

After Osho died, his ideas continued on. His commune in Pune, India was renamed the Osho Institute and later became the Osho International Meditation Resort. There are now hundreds of Osho Meditation Centers around the world.

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Chandra Mohan Jain

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Acharya Rajneesh


Shree Rajneesh

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