Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does ChromaYoga Mean?

ChromaYoga is a trademarked name for a style of yoga that combines asana practice with light, color, sound and scent therapy. It is a multi-sensory, futuristic experience that stimulates the brain and approaches the ancient practice of yoga and the healing arts in a new way.

Yogini Nina Ryner, who has a background in film, dance and fashion, founded the ChromaYoga studio in London with help from yoga teacher, Clara Baker; artist, Asakala; and sound designer, Tim Goalen.


Yogapedia Explains ChromaYoga

Classes focus on a specific color or a range of colors in order to create a particular effect. For example, the "Blue class" is held in a room bathed in blue light, which is thought to affect the melatonin hormone. Practicing asanas in blue light also has an energizing effect, making the yogi feel more alert. The "Pink class," on the other hand, is a soothing, restorative practice that features calming pink light and gentle stretching poses combined with breath work, acupressure and myofascial release.

The "Chromatic class" weaves a spectrum of colored light and circular movement to build the body's natural circadian rhythms. The "Ganzsound class" is a meditative practice that utilizes headphones with soundscapes and a range of colors.

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