Om Guru

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Om Guru Mean?

Om guru is a simple yet powerful mantra that is chanted in yoga and Hindu traditions to invoke the power or assistance of the guru, or spiritual teacher. The guru can be a specific enlightened yogi or can represent a deity, Brahman or the divine teacher within.

The mantra comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit. Om is a syllable that has no direct meaning, but is chanted because it represents the cosmic sound vibration of the universe. Guru means “teacher” and is sometimes translated as “remover of darkness.”


Yogapedia Explains Om Guru

While om guru can be repeated by itself, it is frequently used as a phrase in longer mantras. In general, mantras are chanted to focus the mind and/or for a specific purpose, such as healing or relief from suffering. In the case of om guru, it is chanted to remember and honor the guru and their teachings. It also provides a connection with others who follow the guru.

An example of a longer mantra that includes om guru is:

Om guru, om guru, deva deva
aja kay, ananda key jay

This mantra acknowledges the awakening of the divine teacher within and the resulting spiritual awareness.

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