Para Vidya

Definition - What does Para Vidya mean?

Para vidya is one of two types of knowledge in Hindu philosophy and refers to a higher or spiritual knowledge. The term comes from the Sanskrit para, meaning “the highest point,” and vidya, meaning “knowledge,” “clarity” or “learning.”

The other type of knowledge is apara vidya, or lower knowledge, which includes earthly book knowledge such as grammar, philosophy, science, and mathematics. Depending on specific Hindu tradition, brahmavidya is either a synonym for para vidya or a term that encompasses both para and apara vidya.

Yogapedia explains Para Vidya

Para vidya is spiritual realization, which is knowledge of the Self, Brahman or the Absolute. In Hinduism and yogic philosophy, the goal is to obtain para vidya, which removes the veils of ignorance and frees the yogi from the recurring cycle of life, death and reincarnation.

Yoga is just one of the paths that leads to para vidya and, ultimately, liberation. Para vidya is the union of the individual self with the higher Self. In Hinduism, it is becoming one with the universal source or God.

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