Group Yoga

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Group Yoga Mean?

Group yoga refers to a style of yoga practice in which the participants work together to form the poses. Rather than each yogi performing a specific pose, as in a traditional yoga class, the yogis in group yoga each form a different limb of one bigger pose or assist each other in the poses. As such, group yoga promotes cooperation and builds deeper connections among the yogis.

Group yoga can also refer generically to yoga classes in general, in which the yogis practice the same asanas individually in a supportive environment with a leader or instructor.


Yogapedia Explains Group Yoga

Partner yoga is one form of group yoga, but the term is often used to refer to practices involving more than two people. With the assistance of another person or persons, the yogis are able to go deeper in the poses. Acro yoga, which combines acrobatics and yoga, is another type of group yoga, as is a choreographed dance style of yoga.

One example of a group yoga pose is the human mandala, in which the yogis sit in a circle facing each other with feet touching and then cross their arms and grasp the hands of the yogi on either side. Another example would be a pyramid formed with two or more yogis posing as the base in a pose like downward-facing dog or table pose, and then one or more yogis posing atop the base.

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