Krishna Paksha

Definition - What does Krishna Paksha mean?

Krishna Paksha is a term used in the Hindu lunar calendar to refer to the second fortnight of the lunar month, in which the moon is waning or fading. The first fortnight of the waxing or brightening moon is known as Sukla Paksha.

The name has Sanskrit roots, with krishna meaning “dark” and paksha meaning “side”. This refers to the fact it happens on the “dark side” of the full moon. Krishna Paksha is also sometimes called Vadhya Paksha.

Yogapedia explains Krishna Paksha

Krishna Paksha is considered by some to be inauspicious or ashubh, because it is the period when the moon loses light. On the other hand, Sukla Paksha is regarded as auspicious or shubham, as it is the brightening moon is said to be favourable to growth and development on all planes of existence - mental, physical and spiritual.

However, some interpret the astrology as meaning that the period from the 10th day of Sukla Paksha to the 5th day of Krishna Paksha is most auspicious. During this time the moon is at its brightest.

These considerations may come into play for followers of Hindu astrology when they are choosing special dates such as marriage date, buying a house or naming a new baby.

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